IIT Madras offers the BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science with a unique model of learning combining online course delivery with in-person evaluation making it a first of its kind in the world. Students will be admitted to the program through a unique qualifier process. A student will have to complete 31 courses (116 Credits) to get a BSc in Programming and Data Science from IIT Madras.

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A learner has to complete three levels (Foundation, Diploma, Degree) to get a BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science from IIT Madras. The courses offered in different levels are given below.

Foundational Level

Foundational in Data Science and Programming

  • English 1
  • Math 1
  • Statistics 1
  • Computational Thinking
  • English 2
  • Math 2
  • Statistics 2
  • Python
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Diploma Level

Diploma in Programming

  • Database Management Systems
  • Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms using Python
  • Modern Application Development 1
  • Modern Application Development 2
  • Programming Concepts Using Java
  • System Commands

Diploma in Data Science

  • Machine Learning Foundations
  • Machine Learning Technique
  • Machine Learning Practice
  • Business Data Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Tools in Data Science
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Degree Level

BSc Degree in Data Science and Programming

  • Core 1 - Operating Systems & Computer Architecture
  • Core 2 - Software Testing & Software Engineering
  • Core 3 - AI: Search Methods for Problem Solving & Deep Learning
  • Design Thinking
  • Speech Technology
  • Deep Learning in Practice
  • Thematic Ideas in Data Science
  • Special topics in Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
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CGPA calculation

Students are evaluated at the end of every term (4 months) based on their performance in in-centre quizzes, online proctored programming exams, end term exam as well as viva ( in some courses ). Program follows Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system. CGPA is on a scale of 0 to 10. Each course carries a certain number of credit ranging from 1 to 4. Letter grades and CGPA are awarded to learners based on the following criteria :
For the CGPA, a similar formula is used where the sum ΣiCi is the sum of the credits of all the courses taken in all the terms successfully completed up to that point in time. If a course was repeated for any reason, the best grade obtained will be considered.