Applications open now for July 2023 Batch. Application Close: June 25th, 2023 | Exam: Aug 6th, 2023

Applications open now for July 2023 Batch.

Overall Structure

The program comprises three levels and a learner has to successfully complete all three levels to get the BS Degree from IIT Madras.

There is flexibility to exit at any level. Depending on the courses completed and credits earned, the learner can receive a Foundation Certificate from IITM CODE (Centre for Outreach and Digital Education) or Diploma from IIT Madras or BS Degree in Electronic Systems from IIT Madras.

Courses and Credits in Each Level:

Foundation Level: 44 credits | 9 theory + 1 lab course
Diploma Level: 42 credits | 8 theory + 2 lab course
BS Degree Level: 56 credits | 12 courses + Apprenticeship (optional)

Semester system

Two semesters per year which includes 12 weeks of coursework (video lectures and assignments), 2 in-person invigilated Quizzes and End Semester Exams. Depending on the course, assessments may include programming exams, mini projects, vivas, take home assignments, etc.

Credits required to be earned to exit with:

Foundation Certificate in Electronic Systems: 44 credits
Diploma in Electronic Systems : 86 credits
BS Degree in Electronic Systems: 142 credits

Completion time for the BS degree: 4 - 8 years

Time period is based on the learner’s preferred pace and performance in assessments. Expected learner engagement will be approximately 10 hours/course/week.


Pay only for courses you register in each semester! Refer Fee Structure.

Online Courses & Assignments:

Duration of each course: 12 weeks - Each week comprises 2-3 hours of videos, practice questions, text transcripts, and graded assignments - everything made available online.

Quizzes and Exams:

In-person invigilated quizzes and exams for all courses. Additional assessments as per the grading pattern defined for each course.

Lab Exercises:

Some of the courses of the programme are accompanied by lab sessions. The lab sessions will be conducted at IIT Madras Campus every semester. Some lab sessions may be done online or can be handled through kits that will be suggested and can be purchased by students.

Course Registrations

In each semester, a learner may register for a maximum of four theory courses depending on the time they can dedicate to the program. A student doing this program full time is recommended to take 4 per semester while working professionals and students pursuing any other academic program can take 2 or 3 courses.


There are 3 types of assessments for each course:
  Weekly Assignments which are online
  monthly in-person Quizzes
  in-person End Term Exam

Some of the courses are accompanied by lab sessions to be done at home with the use of electronic kits as suggested. It is mandatory that students travel to IIT Madras campus to demonstrate the lab experiments specified.

In addition, assessments may include programming exams, mini projects, vivas, take home assignments, etc.

Exam Cities

The Invigilated Quizzes and End Semester exams are conducted in a number of cities spread across India.

Exams are also conducted in centres in some countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Singapore and Sri Lanka if there are enough students in these places. Learners based out of other countries will be allowed to take up remote proctored exams. Additional Exam Fee will apply for all learners opting to write exams outside India.

The map shows our current Exam Cities List. View List

If you reside outside India and cannot find a centre in your city / country, please write to for assistance.

Fee Structure (Tentative, to be finalised)

Level Fee per credit Number of credits Fees to be paid at each level (For general category students)* Total fees to Earn the Foundation, Diploma & BS degree
Foundation Rs. 2000 44 Rs. 88,000 Rs. 88,000
Diploma Rs. 4000 42 Rs. 1,68,000 Rs. 2,56,000
BS in Electronic Systems Rs. 6000 56 Rs. 3,36,000 Rs. 5,92,000

Fee waivers depend on category of learner and family income.

Category of student Institution fee advance
SC or ST or PwD with >40% disability certificate 50%
EWS or OBC-NCL category with annual family income between 1-5 LPA 50%
SC or ST and PwD with >40% disability certificate 75%
EWS or OBC-NCL category with annual family income less than 1 LPA 75%

For candidates who are outside India and studying in the program: For candidates writing exams overseas, there will be facilitation fee for exams in addition to the above. The fee will be revisited periodically and revised if necessary.

The term family income for the purpose of availing fee waivers includes the income of the candidate, the income of his/her parents and spouse, also the income of his/her siblings and children below the age of 18 years.
Family income certificate is not required while applying for the Degree program, but will be required to avail fee weiver when joining the program. Download Family Income Certificate format

OBC-NCL / EWS certificate, if applicable, need to be obtained in following format while applying:
Download OBC-NCL Certificate format
Download EWS Certificate format

Foundation Level

These courses have been chosen to ensure that the learner who passes these successfully is well prepared to proceed to the Diploma level courses.

Requirements for registration

Without JEE: The learner should apply for and clear the Qualifier Exam.

With JEE: A student who has qualified for JEE Advanced 2022/2023 is automatically eligible for admission and can register for courses in the foundation level of the BS program.


Learners have the following two options when they successfully complete all 10 Foundation level courses:

Exit: The learner may exit with a Foundational Certificate from Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE), IIT Madras.
Proceed to next level: The learner can join the Diploma Level.

10 courses

42 credits

1 - 3 years

10 hrs/course/week


*Refer Fee Structure


Foundation level comprises the following:

Course Name Credits Code Prerequisites Corequisites
English I 4 HS1101 None None
Math for Electronics I 4 MA1101 None None
Electronic Systems Thinking and Circuits 4+1 EE1101 None None
Introduction to C Programming 2+3 CS1101 None None
English II 4 HS1102 HS1101 None
Introduction to the Linux Shell 5 CS1102 CS1101 None
Basic Digital Systems 4 EE1102 EE1101 None
Electrical and Electronic Circuits 4 EE1103 MA1101 & EE1101 None
Electronics Lab 3 EE1103L None EE1103
Embedded C Programming 4+2 CS2101 CS1102 Lab

Diploma Level

The Diploma level comprises 10 courses (after the Foundation level). Students should complete 20 courses (which includes the 10 Foundation level courses) and earn 86 credits in total to get the Diploma.

Requirements for registration

Only those students who complete courses of the first two semesters will be permitted to proceed with registration of courses in the Diploma level.


Learners have the following options based on the courses completed in this level:

Option 1: If a learner has completed all the courses and labs in Foundation level and Diploma, they can proceed to the B.S Degree Level.
Option 2:They may exit with a Diploma in Electronic Systems from IIT Madras.

10 courses

44 credits

1 - 3 years

10 hrs/course/week


*Refer Fee Structure


Diploma level comprises the following:

Course Name Credits Code Prerequisites Corequisites
Math for Electronics II 4 MA2101 MA1101 None
Signals and Systems 4+1 EE2101 EE1103 None
Analog Electronic Circuits 4 EE2102 EE2101 MA2101
Analog Electronics Lab 3 EE2102L None EE2102
Python programming 5 CS2102 None None
Digital System Design 4+2 EE2103 EE1102 None
Digital Signal Processing 4+1 EE3101 EE2101 None
Embedded Linux on System on Programmable Chips 2+2 EE3102 CS2101 & EE2103 None
Sensors and Applications 3 EE3103 EE2102 None
Sensors Lab 3 EE3103L None EE3103

BS Degree Level

The BS level comprises 12 courses and one optional Apprenticeship. Students should earn a total of 142 credits through all levels to get the BS Degree.

Requirements for registration

Only those students who complete courses of 1st FOUR Semesters will be permitted to register for courses in Degree level.


Once the learner successfully completes 142 credits and the course requirements, they will be awarded a BS Degree in Electronic Systems from IIT Madras.

12 courses

56 credits

1 - 3 years

10 hrs/course/week


*Refer Fee Structure


Degree level comprises the following:

Course Name Credits Code Prerequisites Corequisites
Elective I 4 - - -
Electromagnetic Fields and Transmission Lines 4 EE3105 MA2101 None
Electronic Product Design 4 EE3104 EE3103 & EE3105 None
Control Engineering 4 EE3106 EE2101 None
Elective II 4 - - -
Elective III 4 - - -
Elective IV 4 - - -
Open Elective 4 - - -
Open Elective 4 - - -
Open Elective 4 - - -
Open Elective 4 - - -
Apprenticeship (optional) 8 - - -
Humanities Elective 4 - - -

Sample Certificates

BS Degree in Electronic Systems

Diploma in Electronic Systems

Foundation in Electronic Systems