Applications Open now for September 2024 Batch | Applications Close: Sep 15, 2024 | Exam: Oct 27, 2024

Applications Open now for September 2024 Batch | Applications Close: Sep 15, 2024 | Exam: Oct 27, 2024

IIT Madras, India’s top technical institute, welcomes you to the Four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Electronic Systems.

Study from anywhere, at your own pace.


Anyone who has completed class 12 with Physics and Maths can apply irrespective of age, role or geographical location.


Content, tutorials, doubt clearing sessions & assignments will be online, while quizzes, exams and labs will be conducted in-person. Lab courses will be in-person at IIT Madras campus.


Learn from anywhere, at your convenience. Option is available to choose the number of courses per semester. The BS degree will be awarded once 142 credits are earned.


The graduates of this programme will have strong fundamentals and industry-ready skills.

Content taught by experienced IIT Madras faculty and industry experts. The program content can be accessed by learners from anywhere. The emphasis is on electronics, embedded programming, digital systems, and control engineering. The students will be able to apply the acquired engineering principles and knowledge to implement and improve systems and processes for applications.

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B.S. in Electronic Systems

In this program, students will have the unique opportunity to develop industry-ready skills to design and build Electronic and embedded Systems.

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Diploma in Electronic Systems

The Diploma is intended for anyone looking to grow their careers in the electronic systems industry or who wants to learn more in the field of electronic systems.

Apply for and join the Degree Program (BS in Electronic Systems) and exit after completing the Diploma Level courses with a Diploma in Electronic Systems.

Note: There is no direct entry to diploma. Everyone has to go through the qualifier process and join Foundation level first.

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Student Life

Join a supportive, diverse, vibrant community of students and scholars who share your passion. Our reputation for excellence attracts some of the best minds in the world.

Alongside the academic activities, students can have fun and develop interests through clubs and extracurricular activities that help them build on social skills and career goals while enjoying a great social life.


Qualifier Application: Open Now (for September 2024 term)

Qualifier Application closes: Sep 15, 2024

Qualifier Week 1 Starts: 20 September 2024

Qualifier Exam: Oct 27, 2024

IIT Madras has a rich history of providing high-quality education and this program is designed to underline the fact that IIT is within the reach of everyone. The BS program is meticulously drafted and is aligned with the goals of the National Educational Policy. With the growing prominence of electronics in the current world scenario, education of electronics fundamentals at scale becomes crucial both for research & development and capacity building to meet the industry demand. Keeping this in mind, IIT Madras offers this BS course which we expect to help meet the need of our nation and aspirations of the student. We are planning to make IIT Madras a 'Vishwa-guru (Global Teacher)' through innovative approaches to enhance the quality of education. In order to support the students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue this program, scholarships are being provided.

Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras

Who can join?

Anyone who has passed Class 12 (or equivalent) in any year with Physics and Mathematics can apply.

School students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams (with Physics and Mathematics as their subjects of study) can apply. Those who qualify can join the program after passing Class 12.

Check out Eligibility.

What is being offered?

BS Degree in Electronic Systems

Option to exit earlier with a Foundation Level Certificate or Diploma

Are these official Diploma and Degree of IIT Madras?

Yes. IITM senate approves and offers the Diploma(s) and Degree(s).

Degree holders become alumni of IIT Madras.

What is the Qualifier Process?

Four weeks of courses and assignments to be completed.

Those who get minimum required scores in weekly assignments in the four weeks will get to write the Qualifier Exam based on the four weeks of content.

Those who get minimum required scores in the Qualifier Exam continue with the program. Others are encouraged to reappear for the qualifier exam.

What is the Structure of the Program?

The program is split into three levels:

1: Foundational Level (44 credits)

2: Diploma Level (42 credits)

3: BS Degree level (56 credits)

Total: 142 credits for BS Degree

For more detailed information about the program, courses and fee structure, check out the

World Class Faculty

World Class Faculty

Learn from carefully designed courses taught by experienced IIT Madras faculty and other industry experts.

Curated Content


Our program is flexible with exit points for learners from different backgrounds with different aspirations.

Course Options

Course Support

Each course will have discussion forums with an active academic team to help in clearing doubts.

Why learn BS Electronic Systems?

As we know, electronic systems are at the heart of almost all modern engineering systems. By acquiring the fundamentals and skills one will be in a position to serve the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Space, Mobile, Medical Electronics, Defense industry as an electronic or embedded system design and development engineer. There is a huge growing demand in this domain.

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