Applications Open now for May 2024 Batch | Applications Close: May 26, 2024 | Exam: Jul 07, 2024

Applications Open now for May 2024 Batch | Applications Close: May 26, 2024 | Exam: Jul 07, 2024


Get empowered, be part of our

virtual campus, build real communities

and become future leaders.

Here in IITM BS degree, students, faculty and staff work together to support students make the most of their opportunities.

Student Houses

Your house is where you seek, share, support and study together and do what you love through clubs and activities.

All students in the programme will be divided into 12 houses named after the forests in India.

We invite the Student community to feel at home in their forest houses of Bandipur, Corbett, Gir, Kanha, Kaziranga, Nallamala, Namdapha, Nilgiri, Pichavaram, Saranda, Sundarbans and Wayanad.

Each house accommodates nearly 30 groups of 20 students each where the group members are from the same city or neighbouring cities and house members are from across the country.

Leaders, Mentors & Elections

In a House, Groups elect their Group Leaders and the Group Leaders in turn elect their Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Web Admin among themselves. All the leaders of the House Council are below 25 years of age.

It is the responsibility of the Mentors, who are above 25 years of age and who are identified by the House Council, to conduct free & fair elections. They also guide the elected members of the House Council.

Upper House Council

Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries of all 12 houses constitute the Upper House Council that governs all houses. The Mentoring Committee, made up of one mentor from each house, along with the UHC and BS Degree team work together in defining policy for house guidelines.

Our Goals & Initiatives

We nurture Leadership & Organisational skills

Students gain invaluable skills and experiential knowledge during their time in IITM BS Degree.

We offer you space to lead a diverse community of Houses, Clubs or Groups.

We inspire you to conduct events, support fellow students, and participate in team activities.

We enrich your experiences

Alongside your academic activities you can have fun and develop your interests through clubs and extracurricular activities. It helps you build on your social skills and career goals while enjoying a great social life.

We encourage you to express interest in forming any kind of club that will be run by the students for the students.

Come forward and complement your academics with an array of clubs that advocates art, music, dance, culture, entrepreneurship, research, volunteering etc.

We promote equity

Gender, age, physical disability, socio-economic status, religion, or ethnic origin will never be an obstacle. Step forward and proudly be part of our inclusive community of learners from all walks of life. We thrive on diversity and that’s our strength.

We sensitise learners on gender equality and diversity through training.

We assure safe virtual space against cyber bullying through online safety training.

We support Clubs & activities that promote Equity through art, culture, campaigning etc.

We redress your grievances

All complaints of bullying or harassment will be taken seriously by the IITM BS Degree Team. The aim is to provide the support needed to help individuals decide the best course of action, and to resolve the issues raised through formal complaint procedures.

We train you on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Guidelines

You can raise complaint against matters related to behaviour of staff members or fellow students Complaints box (

We Hear you

Diverse, vibrant, hardworking, determined and self-motivated student community has contributed to continuous development of this pioneering programme.

We look forward to your proposals that would change or modify policies pertaining to student life.