Interested in joining our January 2024 batch? Applications opens on 25th September 2023.

Interested in joining our January 2024 batch? Applications opens on 25th September 2023.


IITM invites Industry Partners for its Diploma / Degree in Programming and Data Science program - India’s very first online UG program on a massive scale

Connect with us by writing to for more details.

Companies and organizations can partner, contribute and benefit in the following ways:
Knowledge Partners

Top leaders / researchers from companies such as Google, Flipkart, Paypal, Gramener are contributing content to the courses in the Diploma level , drawing from their rich experience on the ground and sharing with our learners. Insights from Industry leaders are vital to nurture future talent in the area of Data Science.

CSR Partners

IIT Madras has instituted Merit-cum-Means scholarships with CSR support from various companies. Companies such as Verizon India, L&T Technology Services, L&T Thales Technology Services Private Limited, Dun & Bradstreet, Natesan Group have instituted merit-cum-means scholarships to remove financial blocks from the path of economically disadvantaged students thirsting to learn from the best. More than 1000 students with family income less than 5LPA are currently being supported in their journey of earning Diplomas and the BS degree. We thank them for their generous support.

All the CSR funds are routed through IIT Madras which is an authorised body to receive CSR donations from companies.

For more details, please refer to the Proposal for CSR Support for Merit-cum-Means Scholarship document.

“Professionals Speak” on current industry and technology trends

Employees of Industry partners who have more than 10+ years of experience in relevant fields have delivered multiple talks on topics related to application development, programming and data science. This gives students in the course a valuable opportunity to interact with experienced professionals and get a perspective on the latest technological trends in top companies. More than 50 sessions have been delivered so far by professionals from companies such as IBM, CapGemini, Infosys, etc. The links to the expert sessions from the industry are given in this sheet.

Mentorship of Students

Companies have also partnered with IITM to provide mentoring and technical assessment of students in their areas of study as well as in their projects. Employees engaging in this activity will get to interact with small groups of students over a term and can get a better idea of the students in the program. Such employees will also be recognized for their efforts and time spent. Other opportunities for mentoring by interested companies include organisation of hackathons, short workshops and boot camp style training for the students of the IITM BS programme.

Internships and Recruitment

IITM BS program has an active group which is working with IITM’s on-campus internships and placement wing and also approaching partner companies for relevant opportunities for the students who graduate. A pool of qualified double diploma holders in programming and data science from IIT Madras will be available for companies to hire as interns for longer durations of 6 months or 1 year as the Degree level courses can be done online and do not require physical presence of the student. As part of the program, our learners will develop core technical skills in Programming and Data Science, some of which are listed below.

Diploma in Programming
Proficiency in coding in python and java, strong foundations in data structures and algorithms, experience in use of SQL, database design, application development, use of system commands, testing, documentation and handling APIs.
Diploma in Data Science
Strong fundamentals in mathematics, statistics, ability to draw Inferences from the data using statistical and machine learning techniques, using machine learning algorithms to solve practical problems using libraries like scikit-learn and tensorflow, know-how to use various tools in data science such as Tableau, Power BI, articulating a compelling story using the results of analysis to make an informed decision.

For more details, please refer to the Internship & Placement brochure.

Support your employees upskill with a Diploma in Programming or Data Science or both

IITM offers a unique opportunity for those with a graduate degree or above to be able to apply directly to pursue a diploma in programming or data science or both. Each diploma comprises 6 courses and details can be found on our portal. Companies can sponsor and support their employees to enroll and study from IIT Madras which will help them stay updated and relevant and acquire a new set of skills. As the course does not have a live lecturing component, it will be convenient for the employees to study without disruption to their work schedule.

Any company wishing to know more about the above initiatives and partner with IIT Madras can kindly contact the Industry Interaction Cell,