Application for the next batch of the Diploma Program is now open.

Applications open now for next batch of the Diploma Program

Programming in Python

This will be the first formal programming course that students will see in this programme. The goal of this course is to introduce Python programming, which is used throughout the programme, with a basic problem solving and algorithmic flavour.

by Sudarshan Iyengar

Course ID: BSCS1002

Course Credits: 4

Course Type: Foundational

Recommended Pre-requisites: None

What you’ll learn VIEW COURSE VIDEOS

Using basic programming concepts such as variables, expressions, loops, conditionals and functions in Python
Creating, manipulating, and using more Python specific features such as lists, tuples, and dictionaries
Familiarising with and using common Python libraries such as random, math, datetime, scipy, matplotlib, Pandas etc
Analysing real life activities and casting them as programming problems
Applying programming concepts to analyse and solve diverse problems
Writing Readable code and debugging it
Building small applications using python

Course structure & Assessments

12 weeks of coursework, weekly online assignments, 2 in-person invigilated quizzes, 1 in-person invigilated end term exam. For details of standard course structure and assessments, visit Academics page.

WEEK 1 Introduction to algorithms
WEEK 2 Conditionals
WEEK 3 Conditionals (Continued)
WEEK 4 Iterations and Ranges
WEEK 5 Iterations and Ranges (Continued)
WEEK 6 Basic Collections in Python
WEEK 7 Basic Collections in Python (Continued)
WEEK 8 Basic Collections in Python (Continued)
WEEK 9 File Operations
WEEK 10 File Operations (Continued)
WEEK 11 Module system in python
WEEK 12 Basic Pandas and Numpy processing of data
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Prescribed Books

The following are the suggested books for the course:

Title: Python for Everybody. Author: Charles R. Severance. Publisher: Shroff Publishers. ISBN: 9789352136278

(The PDF of this book is currently available freely at

About the Instructors

Sudarshan Iyengar
Associate Professor and Head , Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Ropar

Sudarshan Iyengar has a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science and is currently working as an Associate Professor and Head of CSE at IIT Ropar.